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Fantasy OTB Offtrack Betting

Have you ever dreamed of owning your very own Thoroughbred race horse? - Offtrack horse Betting online at a Fantasy OTB is alot of fun.

Wished you could name your own race horse, design your own racing silks, name your own racing stable and see your horse compete in races?

If you're like most people who are horse racing fans, it's either too expensive or just a dream. But there's a way now to experience some of the thrill involved with owning and racing your own Thoroughbred race horse by playing a fantasy horse racing game from Digiturf.

We've worked out a special deal to get your first $30 deposit spent matched with a free $30. That equals two free horses to get started. Make sure you click the following link and place this code in the referral box AD0702FHR, in order to receive the $30 promotion.

Play fantasy horse racing now and take advantage of the free $30 promotion and experience the thrill of fantasy otb offtrack betting, or keep reading below for more information about the betting horses game and how it's played.


Playing the Fantasy Horse Racing Game

Naming Your Virtual Horse Racing Game Stable at My Racino

First you need to name your fantasy horse racing stable. Make sure and give this step some thought, because it's how others in the game will be able to recognize you and identify your stable when you race against them in competitions.

Designing Your Fantasy Horse Racing Game Silks at My Racino

Here's a pretty neat feature of the horse racing game, where you get to design your very own horse racing jockey silks. Real Thoroughbred owners will tell you that one of the biggest thrills in owning Thoroughbred horses is seeing your very own racing silks cross the finish line for the very first time.

Betting Horses

PLAY Betting Horses NOW! $30 Bonus Fantasy Horse Racing Game

Choosing Your Fantasy OTB Race Horse & Naming Him at My Racino

Next you get to choose the color, sex and age of your virtual Thoroughbred. Then comes the fun act of naming your horse. Do you have a great name for your horse already? You could be naming the next virtual horse racing game Seabiscuit, so be careful with what you name your horse, because if he's good everyone will hear about him.

virtual horse racingBetting Horsesvirtual horse racing game

Training Your Fantasy OTB Horse at My Racino

Now that you have your virtual race horse you need to get him trained and ready to compete. This is where you can find out if your horse likes to run, or would rather stand around and just look pretty. You have the opportunity to train him everyday to get him ready to compete in stakes races where you can win thousands in real prize money.

Betting HorsesThere's $85,000 up for grabs this season in prize money, so make sure and train him well to get your piece of that. Just like real Thoroughbred horse racing, not all horses are good runners, and you may need to buy a few to get one that can compete for the big prize.

Although your first few horses may not be speedsters, there are still claiming races and lower level opportunities to enjoy thefantasy horse racing game.


Racing Your Fantasy OTB Horse at My Racino

Betting HorsesThis is where experience and skill comes in to play. You need to know your fantasy horse well in order to place him in races where he has the best opportunity to finish in the money and help you to make a profit on your stable.

Before you race him, you should try and get a very good idea of his preferred surface, whether that's dirt or turf. Determine his favorite track and his best distance. Then you can give your fantasy horse the best chance for success.



Winning Money From a Fantasy OTB Horse Racing Game at My Racino

Betting HorsesUnless you're very lucky you wont win right off the bat. You need to play the game long enough to get a feel for it. A good strategy is to buy a few horses, get in to training, and read over all the information on the message boards.

If you can master the game, you will be richly rewarded. Here's a bit about how much money the leading horse and leading trainer has won playing this virtual horse racing game so far.

Stakes Winnings Total stakes won: US$2,748,966
Stakes won this season: US$245,834
Top fantasy horse racing owner: Sharkano
Top owner winnings ever: US$146,965
Top fantasy horse: ZOOLOU
Top fantasy horse winnings ever: US$17,651

As you can see there's a lot of money to be made off a $15 virtual horse. Get yours today and receive $30 free after you deposit and spend $30.

Fantasy OTB Offtrack Betting is really alot of fun. You'll be surprised on how realistic the rush is compared to real money offtrack horse racing betting.



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